The adventures of defending thoughts.

So when you go on holidays with a family that is not your “nuclear family”(mum, dad, sisters or brothers) is kinda difficult to understand every single way of doing things.

You feel so “out of tune” when they’re having those family-small-talk about some past vacation in which you haven’t been, some wreid and exciting place they’ve gone but you haven´t  or even when you don’t hear a joke one of them have said and everyone’s laughin’, but you’re not.

You should feel so grateful, because they invited you, they are taking care of you and they don’t even let you pay a single thing.

But instead of that, you are noticing all their flaws as a family and are screaming inside: “MUM WHERE ARE YOU???”

It’s mean, i know but believe me that is not easy. You’re always comparing their habits with yours, comparing their thoughts with yours and instinctively defending what you think is right.

So when it comes to lunch-talk, Gay topic comes out.

As you may have known, i am a proud defender of gay-rights, and i absolutely agree that they should not be treated like wreid-does.

But of course, not everybody has that opinion. People think horribles things of them and the actually say those things out loud, in a proud, arrogant way, as if they were the actual God.

So i get involved into a rough argument, in which i expose my ideas of how gays should be treated and how people should shut their mouth if they have nothing constructive to say.

For some arrogant and close minded comments, i had to give up and say the ironic phrase:

Yeah, you’re right.

But deep inside in my mind i was screamin’: Fuck you, mate.

Society: 1

Wanda: 0

(for now)


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