And life doesn’t stop for anybody

Recently, many changes happened in my life.

I turned 18, which means that i’m old, adult. I’m starting a pre-course at university this week and finishing high school. I’m studying for sitting for the FCE exam this december, which means that i’m also finishing my English studies, plus the fact that i’m getting a kinda-summer-job, to acquire more “work-experience” and to pay my own expenses, the ones that have been supported by me and my savings in the last couple of months.


Those are huge changes.

And you know what the worst part is?

I’m not ready.

I don’t feel prepared enough to jump into the adult world. The responsibilities, the problems, the feeling that you are on your own and that every single decision, from now and on, will be taken by you.

I don’t feel sure of any of my movements. I don’t know if I have made the right decision when i chose my course of studies. I don’t know if in what i have been spending my money is what i really wanted to spent it on. I don’t know if i should have written this blog entry.

But i have.

And i guess nobody is actually sure of what they do. They just give it a chance. And if it doesn’t work, they go on.

It’s seems just like yesterday when i was in my 3th birthday, wearing my Minnie Mouse ears and smiling showing my blue-candy teeth, or my first day at Kindergarten. Or my  first holidays at the beach, with my family. Lovely childhood moments when you lived nothing but the present.

I can’t believe it. And now, i’m finishing my last secondary school year.

So quickly.

But now it’s the time for us to enjoy! Enjoy and see that all my effort studying worth it, and stop thinking so much.

Because life is short and sometimes people use thought to not participate in life.


The title comes from the beautiful book “The perks of being a wallflower”.

Read it if you have the chance. It’s so realistic and wonderful.





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