The Clubbing Nights

I am a teenager. I’m 18. Which means that I can legally go to night clubs.

Despite the “legal age”, I started going to clubs and parties since 16, but of course it wasn’t the same feeling: you needed a fake ID and you were worried about the fact that somebody could catch you.

So that day that the guy in front of the club’s door told me I couldn’t go in because that wasn’t my real ID, I took the decision that I’d never go clubbing until I had the legal age to do it.

And so I waited.

But my clubbing experiences have never been THAT good.

You, the ones that had gone clubbing sometime, know that most of people who attends clubs or parties, are not particularly interested in dancing. And the time you can have can be good or bad depending on the people you’re with.

In many of the cases I go to the club with my girl-friends. At the beggining of the night we probably’d dance and make jokes and have some real, healthy fun*, if you know what i mean.

But then, everything turns annoying.

“OMG, like, I’ve got boyfriend, so poor of him tonight…” they say, intuing that they’re going to be with any other boy/s  that is/are  not exactly her boyfriend.

Many boys can invite you to dance with them, but “dancing”, for most of them, means groping and try to make out with you. Disgusting.

So when you’re like me, a person who feels uncomfortable and who is strong enought to tell them, excuse my french, to eat shit, the best thing you can do is sit somewhere and take a look to where you actually are.

Loud (bad) music.People wasted. Girls and old women dressed like sluts. Couples making out on the dark corners of the place.

Is this really where i want to be a Saturday night/Sunday dawn?

After you realize that, what would you do if you find you by yourself?

I mean, the five/three/two/twenty girls you came with dissappeared and they left you alone. What would you do?

I went home. Yes that IS what i really did.

That was not the idea of having fun.

So I hope that my further experiences of clubbing will be better. In case, of course, that there will be any occasion in which i would feel like going.


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