Movies to fall in love with

I’ve realized that i’m a hopless-romantic person.

And when it comes to movies, I’m really into those that tell the story of the first love.



Flipped tells the story of how love can grow without us to notice. Bryce and Juli meet each other when he moves to the neighbourhood. And since then, Juli has been in love with him, but he is not interested in her, until…

And I won’t say more. Go watch it

My aunt recommended this movie to me in October of 2010. I wasn’t very excited of watching it, but one night I thought I would give it a chance. And I don’t regret it. Ever since I saw it, I’ve seen it again at least 10 times (yes, I’ve got them all written down in a notebook). And all those times I’ve cried.

Little Manhattan


Same here.Or so. Gabe and Rosemary know each other from kindergarten. But is not until they’re 11 that Gabe starts growing feelings for her, but is not sure of how to react. And the problem comes when she tells him that she’s going to leave for the rest of the summer…

Ahh, another beatiful movie. Yes, I cried too.

I found it on cable, like, six years ago. Watched it twice. The first time on cable, and the second time, yesterday as I finally got the DVD.

As I said, I love these kind of films. They make me imagine how it could have been to have a story like that in my life. I think that’s why I cry so much when I watch them, because I’ll never experience the sweet inocence of a 11-year-old love (don’t mean it as a pedophile, haha!)

I just say that when I was eleven, I was more into what kind of superhero would I get dress like or what would be the next  Barbie story I’d write. Romance has never been part of my life. I always thought it was something I should discover when I grew up.

But I still haven’t.


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