The Changing Project

“The Changing Project”

That’s how I decided to call this new project I’m implementing in order to change my habits.

During the last 15 years (oh, God! Did I actually said 15? I’m so old) I’ve been living a pretty hectic life:

  • Kindergarten &  School (since 3 to 18)
  • English Lessons (since 5 to 18, and now still in progress)
  • Art Lessons (since 5 to 14)
  • Guitar Lessons (since 14 to 16)
  • Piano Lessons (only a month when i was 16, but I had to say it! hehe)
  • Girls Scouts (a year when i was 3, then since 12 to 17)
  • Singing Lessons (2 or 3 months when i was 12)
  • Photography course (a month this year)
  • University ( a month, then quit)

…And can’t remember nothing else.

The point is that after so many years of non-stop activities, by the time that I had to start university, I felt I didn’t actually know what I was doing. And then I quitted.

Routine was something so familiar to me that I didn’t want go over that situation again: I didn’t want to do things “just because”.

So after a rough time, I decided I needed a change.

And like this thing-that-people-read-that-i-write is my blog, I wanted to keep a record of the day that I finally decided to make my life, actually more “MINE”. I don’t know if I expressed myself correctly.

Let me see: I don’t want to obligued myself to do things only because of other people expectations. This is my life, and I’m the one in charge.

So here I’m making a list of all the things I want to change about my life-style and myself.

  1. Become minimalist: the idea of  living and being part of a consumer society feels incredibly uncomfortable right now. I am like the “Confessions of a Shoppaholic” girl so it’s going to be quite a challenge
  2. Become a vegetarian: I’ve thought about this a long time ago, but right now it feels like the right moment to start.
  3. Do what I love: I still can’t find a definition for this one, it’s only in my head what I want to do.
  4. Do excercise: Not like “going to the gym” but things like walking more or riding a bike more often.
  5. Learn: Of course, being myself a “nerdy-kind-of-girl”, I’m decided to come back to college sometime. But this is not about studying. This is about learning, something that books can’t teach you.
  6. Feel Happy: We always look for the pure and eternal happiness. Not anymore people. Happiness comes in small doses

This are (so far) some of my Changing Project Resolutions. They are not goals, though. They are things that little by little I will be bringing to this new-kinda-life I want.

I hope that this also encourage you to do your own “Changing Project”

So stay on to catch up on how I get on with “The Changing Project” !!


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