Why I hate social networks right now


Years ago, I remember using the telephone if I needed to communicate with somebody or I’d probably go to their house.

Nowadays, I feel overwhelmed by all these social networks and information.

I deleted some of the many accounts I had on the Internet world, and now only have twitter, facebook, this blog and my mail.

I find exhausting the fact of knowing that I need to log on to facebook everyday because it seems that it’s the only way that people knows to communicate with others, for work or study reasons. Don’t misunderstand me, at the beginning facebook seemed to be a good idea: “Hey, there’s a party” “Join or Decline?” “Somebody wants to be your friend” “Accept or decline” “3645 people like your status” But now, It’s became an obligation. “Don’t forget to post the pictures from last night” “XX has written on your wall” “Wall-to-wall… you’ve got 456 notifications”

And of course other reason why this has became so popular: We love to be exposed.

I know, It’s that feeling of popularity and that “celebrity status” what everyone wants.

Following back and adding more friends, just to make you feel special. Updating this status, twitting what are you doing and where you are…And you don’t even need a computer, because your phone has the apps for you to keep in touch with your internet stuff.

I’m pretty sure that would happen some day: You get tired.

I’m sick and tired, and I’d love to say goodbye to Facebook and Twitter, but the thing is that the world itself is telling that you’re missing out everything if you don’t use them. That you’re a Many companies use both, many personalities, even your friends and my friends!!

The world make us social-network-dependants.

The same happens with e-mails, texts and God knows what else…

What happened to calling friends, or doing research and homework using only your books? Now, you chat instead of inviting friends home and google anything you need instead of books.

I love the fact that now we’re all closer, I can’t deny that. If it wasn’t because of this internet revolution, many of you’d not be reading this post.

But I do think that there’s more to do rather than updating your social sites every hour of everyday. Does anyone remember what we use to do when there was no facebook, twitter or social networks? I can’t.

It seems impossible to bring those blurry memories back, because we’ve adopted those behaviours as natural, typical and common ways to spend our time.

I hope that someday, we’ll all get tired.

But eventually, that will only happen in my dreams.


3 thoughts on “Why I hate social networks right now

  1. I hear ya! I hate social networking, too. I don’t even have a facebook or twitter, because, seriously, why?! To tell the world that I take a shit in the bathroom? What I’m currently eating or drinking? Come ON! It’s of noones business… so why do people want to get informed about that?

    I’m working (home office) and surfing, watching tv, meeting real life friends, etc. It’ superfluous to tell the world on FB or twitter about that. People using these platforms are attention whores. Right? 🙂

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