Oh Lola…

Because I like to name playlists as people.


  1. Some Nights-FUN
  2. Don’t kick the chair-Dia Frampton
  3. Walk in the park-Oh no! Oh My!
  4. The Game of Love-Michelle Branch feat. Santana
  5. Dancing with myself-Nouvelle Vague
  6. Moi Je Joue-Brigitte Bardot
  7. New soul-Yael Naim
  8. If a song could get me you-Marit Lansen
  9. Everything will be alright-Matt Wertz
  10. Run-Jonquil

You can listen to it HERE! 🙂

Have a great Monday!


2 thoughts on “Oh Lola…

  1. I guess the picture in combination with the headline of your article got me interested in your playlist, so I listened to those songs. The only ones I knew before were “If a song could get me you” and “New Soul”, which I both love. Not all of your songs made it to my new list of current favourite songs and bands, but I really liked number 1,2,3 and 9. Thanks for introducing me/us to so many great artists! 🙂

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