30          So far these months

4            Dear you: A letter to what it could have been, but it wasn’t.


30          “Unsolicited Advice To Adolescent Girls With Crooked Teeth And Pink Hair”

26          PRIMADONNA♥

21          Eliza


21          Capricho


29          Giselle

17          Oh Lola

10          About writing


31         I used to be a Youtuber

6           Diary of travel: Sao Paulo, Brazil Part II

1           Diary of travel: Sao Paulo, Brazil.


12         The Outsider


28        Pretty in pink

25        The thing that still hasn’t got a name

18        Why i hate social networks right now

11        Monday, let us love you

4         The Perks of being a Wallflower


31       The Youth

29       It’s sunny again!

25       So you say, “it’s not okay to be gay”, well i think you’re just evil

21       Confessions of a shopaholic

6         Up Up Up!

4         The Changing Project

2         There’s no city without poetry


24       I just wanna throw my phone away, find out who is really there for me

22       Sunday Music

19       The Adventures of defending thoughts: No, Gay is not unnatural

13       Colour Splash

8         Don’t worry, be happy

5         Stuck in her daydream

4         Journey to the stars


29       Let’s face it, The Hunger Games was awesome

21       With Holga

19       The Indie Playlist

13       Play the part

11       Taking Pictures

4         Movies to fall in love with


26       Depressing Sunday afternoons

23       Katniss, what’s wrong with you??

14       The clubbing Nights

7         No, you don’t know everything b*tch

5         Enjoy the moment


3        Simplifiying Life: Basic things that a teenage girl needs

1        Happy New Year!

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