About me 2014


Well, hello there!

My name is Wanda, though i still believe “Wan” sounds better. I’m currently 20 years old and still can’t figure out how to write a proper “about me” section.

Despite the essence of me is still the same, I just couldn’t read the previous description without thinking how incomplete it was. Which is fine, because i wrote it about three years ago.

A very formal description would be: ” My name is Wanda, i was borned on November 4th 1993 and i’m currently majoring in photography”. How sad, empty and boring description is that! It’s just like a CV, you can never know someone by reading three or four lines about punctual empty facts of them.

So here i am to entertain you with an attempt of  non-boring, empty fact story about who i am!

I’m still a charming, funny and sometimes, shy girl. But most of the time I’m really talkative and extroverted! And by talkative, i mean that i’m that girl who starts a small talk with anyone, even on the queue at the supermarket (only if i’m in a good mood, right?). I’m also a bit of a clown, as i tend to bother people and make them laugh by doing funny faces, and such. Despite that, I’m still quite a mature and serious girl , to my belief. And different from my last description, I think i’m still a family person, but in a different way: I love them, but i’ve grown this feeling (which is totally normal) of being independent and start a life without having to rely on anyone.

As you’ve learned early on the previous description, I always wanted to be an artist. Artist in every form of expression that i want to. When i was 3 i started painting, and had stopped for a while during secondary school because of matters of time. Silly me, as i can have time for whatever i really want to do, despite my responsibilities. But how much i enjoy doing it now! You know that feeling of “I don’t think about anything, i just focus on my pleasure” well, it’s unbelievable how only a few brushes and colors can actually reflect what’s on your mind on a blank page. And going to art galleries and museums? I really really love MALBA and MNBA, and usually spend 4 or 5 hours everytime i go. And let’s not even talk about reading.

I always loved reading. I remember that my uncle used to sit me in the living room and taught me word by word how to read and pronounce. We read the journal, we read magazines, in fact, we read anything that was readable. I read anything that was readable. And books have always been my best friends, as i can’t count how many books i’ve read, but I always felt deeply close to the stories i was immersing myself into. Let me introduce you to Babar, he was one of my favourites teachers i had when starting the journey of learning how to read. And then, Harry, Ron and Hermione were the ones who grew up with me and made me believe in magic. And how many others could i mention! Nowadays, i’m a bit lazy to finish some of the books i’ve been reading, but instead i’m really a fan of reading blogs. People’s minds and thoughts are extremely reachable through blogs!

And back to the real world, I am majoring in Photography, after quitting Advertising, and guess what? I believe i made a good decision. I really enjoy taking pictures, it inicially started as a hobby: taking pictures to freeze little moments that you want a visual memory of, but later you realize that what you do could be much bigger, could be a work of art, a picture full of spontaneity  or a paralell reality constructed by yourself. All before Instagram was cool, haha! So i thought of giving it a chance. Now i collect vintage cameras, lomo cameras, shoot in film (because i have a particular feeling about vintage film pictures, not because i’m a hipster!) and had some hopes to get into fashion photography, but we’ll see how that goes.

Fashion. Well, fashion has a big influence in my life. Yes, i do like fashion photography but i find it quite contradictory with my concept of how fashion should be: i don’t really care of having a really skinny girl wearing lots of expensive clothes, because that’s not quite real. But at the same time i do like them. I don’t know.  I guess that’s why i created a fashion blog, to try to have a real look at what’s fashion today: you, me, wearing sneakers and jeans, and trying to spend the less possible on clothes but look kinda girly at the same time. Don’t misunderstand me, i love clothes, but seriously, everything is just so damn expensive. Love or hate fashion? Okay, i think i have to think a bit more about this. My head is a jungle, jungle.

As you can guess, i have quite a thing about writing. It started when writing diaries when i was a kid, then i got into writing lyrics for songs, then stories (lots of them), then personal blog entries, then poetry, then fashion blog entries, and i even written articles for the school newspaper. I can’t easily understand how great is to put into words your feelings, your opinions, your ideas, your passions, your life.

Did i tell you about music? No, sure i didn’t, because the best is always at the end. I clearly remember me and my mom dancing around the living room as Trisch Trasch Polka was playing. But that wasn’t the beginning; it all started before i was born: my mum playing piano and guitar while i was on her belly. Then grandma carrying me in her arms and singing church’s songs, and my grandpa singing tango. It was only a matter of time for me to develop an ear for music, and start learning guitar, piano and attending singing lessons. Though i just went until i had the basics to learn whatever i liked. Because i’m such a rebel! After all, today i’m here, producing music that i wanna label under “house” but not sure as it’s so mine that i’d only create a new genre called “wan” to make it self-explainatory. As most of the things i like, it’s just me playing around with sounds. But you have no idea how good it feels, and my idea it’s to make you feel just like i do when you listen to them. I listen to A LOT of music and never get sick. My headphones are in my ears most part of my day and i am one of those who also goes on the bus and dances, and, not sing, but i mumble the lyrics of the song and you all hate me.

But that’s not it. I can randomly mention some other things i like, as food for example. Pizza, ice-cream, sushi, red wine, cotton candy, jelly babies, home-made cookies… I still find eating as one of the most pleasuring things in life. When i travel, i don’t even care about where the food comes from, i just wanna taste it! New flavours are always welcome to this lovely-always- starving tummy!

And travelling. It’s quite a dream of mine. I don’t have a route map that i wanna follow or anything of the sort. I just know that i wanna travel. So far I’ve experienced many of the Argentinian provinces and Brazil, but i can find beauty even by standing on the Buenos Aires’ squares, maybe a walk through San Telmo or Palermo, or even a random lunch in Puerto Madero, but not in a fancy restaurant, i mean a real lunch in the park with a sandwich and a good friend. At the same time, a bike ride in my city is always a good idea. And if you ask if i could live in other place that is not BA. I could. In fact, I’m eager to live in England. Let’s just give it time! Lot’s of paperwork to do!

I like going out too! Ever since i had the legal age to do it (okay i did do it a few times with a fake ID, gotta admit it!), i’ve been able to find places that play the music i like and dance (still) in a particular dorky way. I know, i know, someday i will learn to dance properly! Though I doubt it’d be as fun as my dancing. I’m not afraid of ridiculous, I embrace ridiculous. You live better and happier when you accept it as your friend.

What else? Well, I’m still that big nerd that quotes the simpsons all the time, plays Nintendo 64 and cries when she watches Submarine, because i do like romantic movies and can’t deny that girly part of myself! C’mon, or don’t tell me that you don’t melt when Julia Roberts tells Hugh Grant that “She’s just a girl, stading in front of a boy, asking him to love her” in Notting Hill! Though the best quote in that movie is “happiness isn’t happiness without a violinplaying goat” okay, that certainly shows my nerdy side.

Anyways, I know this was quite a long description and i know it’s still incomplete. I just believe that in a future when i read it i’ll be able to remember all and i hope you could get to know who’s the person behind the blog.

Of course it’s not complete. But i’ll never know when it actually is.

Greetings stranger,



PS: You can read the 2011 description here!

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