About Me 2011

So let’s start this by saying that my name is Wanda. But i prefer “Wan”. I’m a seventeen* year old teenage girl that…

Well can’t actually define me in that way, as I haven’t found out the other part of the sentence.

But I can tell you things i’m really into  and that could help to solve the ecuation: I’m a charming, sort of shy sometimes, but funny girl. I enjoy making people smile or laugh and at the same time I can be rather serious and mature. It all depends on the situation. I’m a family-person( i love when we all get together) and pretty conservative in some aspects of  life.

I wanted to be an artist when i was 3 years old, and that hasn’t pretty much changed since then. I’m a passionate drawer and painter. I’ve done that my whole life and find it really entertaining. Loved to watch paintings at the Art Gallery and tried to figuered out what was the painter trying to say, and hoped that someday, one of my pictures could be posted on a wall, with a lovely frame, and that someone could actually try to read the meaning of the ways that my brush danced on top of the stretcher.

As I grew up, I’ve also been really interested in learning. I’ve heard once that knowledge is the only thing that you are able to take from this world, once you stop existing. I tend to be a very curious person and that makes me become somebody that tries to learn everything just to understand what’s that about.

I read. A lot. I enjoy a good book whenever i can. If  it happens that i am not able to read a good book because of time-issues, I read a magazine, a newspaper, a good blog entry or even a bit of anything i can find. I started reading when i was four years old, and since then i haven’t stopped.

Music is life. Or so i’ve heard. In fact, i totally think that music is the inspiration of the world, or maybe the world is the inspiration of music. However it is, my experiences with music have started, as many other things, in my childhood. My nana used to carried me in her arms singing church’s songs to me when i was a baby. My mom played the piano and the guitar while i was on her belly. And I was practically bred listening to classical music, folk and my family singing. I wanted to play violin in an orchestra, but never took any lessonss or bought one. Years later, i started listening to all kinds of music and developed an “ear for music”: started playing guitar and learning piano.

I sing in the shower. And out of it too.

I write. All my thoughts were always put on the pages of a diary, notebook or sheet of paper. And i enjoy writing stories and novels, that maybe will never be finished, but at least, i can read them and remember the exact moment that i wrote them and why i wrote them.

I take pictures. I reflect realities, moments and feelings in a shot. It feels incredible. I first see them and then capture them. That’s how it works for me.

I love Cameras. Analogic, digital or any other that take pictures. It became a hobby collecting cameras.

Going for a bike ride makes my day. I love grabbing my bike and leave, no where in particular, but just leave. Feeling the fresh air and the sun in my face makes that every time I’m riding my bike, a complete sense of freedom embraces myself.

I don’t know how to dance, but i move with the music in a very particular and dorky way.

I love to get to know new places. I’d love to visit new countries and expand my horizons, going beyond i’ve ever thought i would.

I consider myself an amateur actress. And i know someday i’ll become a professional. Let’s just give it time.

Coffee.Tea.Food in general. I think eating is one of the most beautiful things in this life. Tasting new flavours is really exciting! Don’t believe in diets, in my opinion i see no reason to stop eating things that make you happy. Going for a Starbucks coffee with a blueberry muffin makes you happy. Have a family meal makes you happy.Chocolate for example, is one of the “happiest meals”. It frees endorphines and they make you feel better, happier.Yes, that’s food.

I am a total geek-nerd-potterhead-gleek-freak and more. And i’m totally proud of it.

Well, guess that’s pretty much a description.

Of course it’s not complete. But i’ll never know when it actually is.


*Currently 19 to 20

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  1. Hi Wan!

    I was looking for examples of “crosswords” b’cos I’m doing my first porfolio and needed some inspiration and your blog came out. Funny hoy I came here right?

    Nice and clean blog, I really like it.

    You can add me 🙂

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